The Best Gifts for Mom from Daughter This Mother’s Day 2021

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The Best Gifts for Mom from Daughter This Mother’s Day 2021

It might seem like you have plenty of time to prepare for Mother’s Day (it’s May 9th this year!), but we all know that time flies. We don’t want you to be caught without the perfect mother daughter gift, so we’ve took the time to create a quick gift guide for Mother’s Day 2021.

This Mother’s Day might be hard for some families, just like last year’s was. Last year, millions of families all around the world were abiding by stay-at-home orders, so they were unable to gather around their loved ones for their regular Mother’s Day celebrations. Although it’s hard to be apart from the people you love, especially on a holiday that is dedicated to celebrating them, there are still ways to show that you care.

 If you’re looking for the perfect mother daughter gift to give this spring, we have some great Mother’s Day 2021 gift options that any mother will love to receive!

Check it out:


  1. Mother Daughter Eternal Love Bracelets

Mothers and daughters have a special bond that lasts forever. The Mother Daughter Eternal Love Bracelet is the perfect gift to symbolize that eternal bond. Each bracelet comes with 15 platinum-plated round charms on a stainless-steel chain with two delicate stainless-steel pendants. The round charms are decorated with sparkling rhinestones that come in your choice of purple, pink, or purple so you can give a mother daughter gift that mom will truly love.

Each order for the The Mother Daughter Eternal Love Bracelet comes as a set of two: one for mom and one for daughter! You can also purchase them individually as a Mother Bracelet or a Daughter Bracelet. Think of them like friendship bracelets, only more precious. The bracelet that mom wears has one half of a heart that says “mother” while the other bracelet says “daughter.” Each bracelet also comes with a charm that says the lovely words “The Love Between A Mother And Daughter Is Forever.”

These bracelets can be worn as a reminder that no matter how far away a mother and daughter are from one another, they will always have a connection – a connection that is as infinite as time and space itself. They are the perfect Mother’s Day gift from daughter always, but especially during these trying times that have kept so many families apart for a long time.


  1. Connected by the Heart Mother Daughter Bracelets

Here we have another beautiful mother daughter bracelet that has been designed to symbolize the forever connection between a mom and her daughter. The Connected by the Heart Mother Daughter Bracelets come in two styles:



Although both bracelet styles are different, they have the same message: “Mothers and Daughters are Connected by the Heart.” That is what the stainless-steel charm hanging from each bracelet reads.

Each order comes with a pair of bracelets. One bracelet has a “mother” charm, and the other has a “daughter” charm. When the charms are put together, they form a heart – a symbol to show that mothers and daughters always have love for one another, no matter the distance between them.


  1. Mother-Daughter Scrapbook

A handmade gift from the heart is a gift that all mothers are sure to love. If you’re having a hard time deciding on the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day, make her a scrapbook!

Print photos aren’t all that common these days, but there are a few easy ways to get photos off of your phone and into your hands:


  • Go to a photo printing center – you can find these at many drug stores or big box store like Walmart or Target.
  • Use a photo delivery service – there are many apps that will let you select photos from your phone to be printed, and they will deliver them directly to you. Shutterflyis one of them.
  • Print them at home – if you have a home printer, purchase photo paper, download photos from your phone to your computer, and print the photos you would like to include in the scrapbook.


In addition to the photos that you have on your phone, you may want to include mother daughter photos from your childhood, too! Ask mom if you can access any photos that may be in storage or check with other family members to see if they have their own collection that you can rummage through.


  1. Mother Daughter Virtual Experience

Things are still looking different as we are trying to abide by stay-at-home and social distancing orders. If you are unable to see your mother in person this year, a great mother daughter gift that you can give is a virtual experience!

Here are a few great ideas:


  • Send mom a bottle of wine and personalized glasses. Plan a night that works best for the both of you and have a virtual wine party! If you want to take it up a notch, you could plan to cook the same meal together and chat over FaceTime or Zoom.
  • Watch your favorite movie together with Watchparty. All you have to do is pick a movie on your favorite streaming service and create a link using Watchparty. It will automatically synch your screens so it’s like you are watching a movie with mom, even though you’re far apart.
  • Send a jar to mom that is filled with little memories – write your favorite mother daughter memories on little pieces of paper and decorate the jar however you’d like. Package it carefully and send it off to mom!


Bella’s Yard is here for you for your Mother’s Day gift needs. We do offer options 1 and 2 which you can find here: The Mother Daughter Eternal Love Bracelet, and here: Connected by the Heart Mother Daughter Bracelet in pink or purple, Connected by the Heart Mother Daughter Bracelet in black and pink. In addition to our mother daughter bracelets, we also have beautiful necklaces, rings, and keychains. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day 2021! 

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